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2009-06-04 parašė liwerity

he darlings,

now is midnight an i don’t wanna go to sleep;] i’m listening slowly music,they so beautiful…it keep to think about evertything…

next week i have write lithuanian exam..i’m afraid,i hope everything will be ok;] i tell to you results;]**

ok i go to bed because tomorrow i have to go to schoool and will come weekend;]***

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2009-05-18 parašė liwerity

Hi my sweetheart,;*

in fraidy I celebrated the birthday of my friend Neringa,she got 18yars;] Next day was my birthday i got 17 years,we have party in my grandmother house….i think it was great,everyone have a good time(i hope so)…we have been dancing,drinking a bit also watching Eurovision;] i got gifts from my friends and family, i was so happy because every gifts so beautiful…                           suchlike was the morning;DDD

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2009-05-07 parašė liwerity

hi,today i’m still in home,in the moorning i fell so bad  so don’t go to school…Now i’m sitting by pc and writing for youalso thinking about my birthday;] it will be after 9days in my village ;] before one day my birthday will be my friend Neringa 18 bithday;] so i think i don’t have energy in my b-day;DDD ok i have to go in the bed if i want to be recovered;D so long;***

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if I could

2009-04-19 parašė liwerity

if I could fly,i would reach in the sky, I would play with birds and touch the clouds
If I could be a rain, I would be the warmest summer rain
If I could be a tear, I would never let you cray
If I could an angel, I would always safe you
If I could be a memory,I  would never let you forget me
If I could  always dream, my world would  be only  with  kidly side
If I could be a profesional dancer, I would dance all day long
If I could be a God, I would give everything that you want
If I could be a ghost, I would scare you all night long
If i could one people make happy, I would choose you
If I could time turn back, I would do somethings diffirently
If I could be  a superstar, I would do anything that i want,just for my fun


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the 13th of April

2009-04-13 parašė liwerity

 Happy Easter;]**It’s the last day of Holiday;[ I'm so sad,i don't wanna go to school...During holiday i go everywhre;DD Yesturday i was in MERKINE,there is pyramid,people said that pyramid healed;D i don't believe  but see that interesting;d
nOw i go to bed to sleep bacause get in home newly;]*
so good bye;]**

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The 6th of April

2009-04-06 parašė liwerity

Hi dears,;]*

today is Monday and i don't have to go to school,because-Holiday;D Yesturday was the sunshine day, I with my a few friends went for a walk;] The weather like  summter,amaizing! Today a sun shining but is wind,so a bit cold;/
Later i will go to metting with  my friend Kestas;] we don't met for many long a day;]

o.k bey,see you next day;]**

p.s yesterday we picked the Hepatica;]

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2009-03-31 parašė liwerity

Saturday i was in Vilnius with Silvija,Algirdas and Laurynas and JKL. We werw in “Akropolis” and “Panorama”.I all day was angry;D and i don’t know way…;/ I  bought shirt and pump;]
Today i’m taried i was in chorus and dance treining;/ we are dancing a lot of;DD With Aiste before we made an exsices to sport;DD When i came back to home i went to yard and play tennis;DD
so i don’t have energy;DD
i wan to go to bed and sleep;]
good bye;]***

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2009-03-22 parašė liwerity

nOw I’m vErY haPPy,why?;DD because outside in yard sunshine;DD  I love it when weather  like today;D
Today i retur to home from my cousin;DD yesterday we gone in the club “Voro Fortas” ;DD we are dancing all night;D,laughing all the time;D,singing the song;D so today my voise is funny;DD
ok i must go to sleep because would sleep 2hours this night;DD crazy;DDD all the best;]***

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2009-03-18 parašė liwerity

Hello eveyone;]

Now I’m lisening Pink song ‘Runaway” to me it good song,i like it;DD

I’m finished my homework and i dont know what i can do now;D
maybe i will go to my friend meda and  drink tea and eat sweat;DD
tomorrow last day when we learned,because Friday we will wtite mathes testing exams
 and after that we go to class and should be with preceptress;D

                  bye i have to go out

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oh no ;(

2009-03-15 parašė liwerity

Today is Sunday…tomorrow I have to go to the school…I don”t wanna;[
During these days ( a little holiday) i have a good free  time;] I was in Silvija b-day also in the Vilnius. There we are singing to the government;] Yesterday i was with friend in my house…oh yesterday we ride a bicycle and make a photo with my good friend Meda;]* I show to you;]

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