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my family;]

hello, today i want to tall about my family;]
 if someone will ask me what is the most important thing in my life I will tell without any doubts it is MY FAMILY! I am so gratetful for my parnets that they gave me such a invaluable gift as Life….;] I love my family because they are my best friends. With mom I  can talk about everything….she always advises me,consoles too,
Dad…hm..with dad I can’t talk about love or similar subjects, as he is a men,he don’t understand me.but we are telling funny storiesto each other.
My little brother…oh my God…Sometimes I swear i Hate his but of course i love him…i hope he will be a good men in future…Our intercourse is variable because I’m teenager  and i want strnge tfing: for exampe when pierce novel  and tongue. Despite that we often spend amaizing time together we go to shop also in winter go in yard and do snow angels;D
to sum up i want to say my family is Incredible…i love them…very very much;] <3

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