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if I could

if I could fly,i would reach in the sky, I would play with birds and touch the clouds
If I could be a rain, I would be the warmest summer rain
If I could be a tear, I would never let you cray
If I could an angel, I would always safe you
If I could be a memory,I  would never let you forget me
If I could  always dream, my world would  be only  with  kidly side
If I could be a profesional dancer, I would dance all day long
If I could be a God, I would give everything that you want
If I could be a ghost, I would scare you all night long
If i could one people make happy, I would choose you
If I could time turn back, I would do somethings diffirently
If I could be  a superstar, I would do anything that i want,just for my fun


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